Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in New York

If your company is holding a Judgment against a Judgment debtor with a presence or assets in New York, Roderick D. Woods, P.C. can domesticate your out-of-state or international Judgment. 

This turns the foreign Judgment into a New York Judgment which may then be enforced against a debtor's New York assets. 

Methods to Domesticate Judgments Obtained in Another State or Country in New York

Article 54 of New York's Civil Practice Law and Rules ("CPLR") governs domestication of out-of-state or international Judgments in New York.  In instances where the underlying out-of-state or international Judgment was obtained following a trial or other disposition on the merits, as opposed to a Judgment obtained by default, CPLR 5402 provides a streamlined mechanism for obtaining a New York Judgment.  

If the out-of-state or international Judgment was obtained by default, then it is still possible to domesticate the Judgment in New York utilizing a unique statutory approach that allows for a Plaintiff to file a Motion for Summary Judgment in lieu of Complaint.

If you have an out-of-state or international Judgment against a business with assets in New York, Roderick D. Woods, P.C., has the experience and resources needed to promptly and efficiently domesticate the Judgment in New York. 

To begin the process of domesticating a Judgment in New York, contact Attorney Roderick D. Woods directly at (212) 653-8754 or [email protected]

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