What is Asset Protection?

Asset protection planning is a legal process endeavoring to protect personal and business assets, including, but not limited to, real estate, savings, and investments, by insulating the asset or assets from the reach of creditors, adverse parties in litigation, and any other individual who, or entity which, might assert a claim against an asset owned by you or your business.  This is more important than ever in today's litigation-driven society. 

While no asset protection plan can claim to be completely bulletproof, when implemented properly and with the assistance of a skilled attorney, asset protection planning can make it exponentially more difficult for a creditor to reach or even discover an asset.  Proper asset planning protection techniques commonly utilize a multifactorial approach to achieve optimal success, all of which can be contoured to your individual circumstances.  

Asset protection planning is:

  • Legal
  • Ethical
  • Potentially strong protection for real estate, savings, investments, and business assets

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