Attorney Roderick Woods has been a godsend

Attorney Roderick Woods has been a godsend! He was able to help me out better than I could've imagined after running into some financial issues resulting from caring for two family members with major chronic illnesses for the past 10 years. I called for his free consultation and I could tell right away that he was really smart and had good ideas. I was floored that he responded to my emails quickly and
on Sundays! He even found time to call me while driving to court for someone else's case because he had information to share that he felt could not wait. His dedication is really impressive. Prior to contacting Attorney Woods, I had paid another attorney for an hour consultation and had waited a while to hear back when setting up the meeting. Fortunately, I did not take her advice. I sent another friend to Attorney Woods and Attorney Woods let him know from his consult that he could probably do better financially to address his issue on his own and gave him some suggestions. I was impressed as Attorney Woods genuinely is thinking about what is best for his client. As a very grateful client, I would give attorney Woods a rating higher than five stars if I could.

– Jane Mills