Discover Card, based in Wilmington, Delaware, is a well-known credit card issuer.  Discover files debt collection lawsuits in all Judicial Districts of the Superior Court of Connecticut.  If you receive a Summons from Discover, contact The Woods Law Firm, LLC immediately.  We regularly defend Discover lawsuits and negotiate settlements throughout Connecticut.   


The Woods Law Firm, LLC has over a decade of experience representing clients who have been sued by Discover.  We offer affordable, flat fee representation. 

If you have been served with a Summons from Discover and the case has not yet been filed, we are often in a position to negotiate a very favorable settlement, typically for a percentage of the balance owed.  

In the event that Discover has already filed its case, there are several pleadings that we will file to prevent the case from proceeding to Judgment.  Usually, we will file an Appearance in your case.  This filing accomplishes two objectives: it prevents Discover from obtaining a default against you for failure to appear.  It, additionally, prevents Discover or its lawyers from contacting you because the Appearance signifies that you are represented by counsel.  Approximately thirty days after filing the Appearance we will file an Answer in the case.  These pleadings afford time in which to decide how best to resolve the case.


 The Woods Law Firm, LLC prides itself on achieving stellar outcomes for its clients.  We have successfully resolved numerous cases brought by Discover.  Our results include:

  • Discover sued client in the Superior Court of Connecticut in Rockville for approximately $10,000 following client's alleged default on a Discover credit card. Client retained The Woods Law Firm, LLC. We were able to negotiate a settlement with Discover resulting in client only paying 55% of the alleged balance owed to Discover.


We offer a case evaluation, during which we will review the Summons and Complaint and determine the best course of action to take, tailored to your individual circumstances.  To take advantage of this service contact us today!