Capital One, based in Richmond, Virginia, is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States, and it is also one of the most active credit card companies in terms of suing consumers for defaulted debt. 

Capital One regularly files debt collection lawsuits in all Judicial Districts of the Superior Court of Connecticut, both on the regular civil docket and in the Small Claims session.  If you receive a Summons from Capital One, it is very important to contact The Woods Law Firm, LLC immediately.  We defend Capital One lawsuits and negotiate settlements throughout Connecticut.   


The Woods Law Firm, LLC has over a decade of experience representing clients who have been sued by Capital One.  We offer affordable, flat fee representation. 

If you have been served with a Summons from Capital One and the case has not yet been filed, we are often in a position to negotiate a very favorable settlement, typically for a percentage of the balance owed.  

In the event that Capital One has already filed its case, there are several pleadings that we will file to prevent the case from proceeding to Judgment.  Generally speaking, we will file an Appearance in your case.  This filing accomplishes two objectives: it prevents Capital One from obtaining a default against you for failure to appear.  It, additionally, prevents Capital One or its lawyers from contacting you because the Appearance signifies that you are represented by counsel.  Approximately thirty days after filing the Appearance we will file an Answer in the case.  These pleadings afford time in which to decide how best to resolve the case.


 The Woods Law Firm, LLC prides itself on achieving stellar outcomes for its clients.  We have successfully resolved numerous cases brought by Capital One.  Our results include:

  • Capital One sued client for damages exceeding $6,500 in the Superior Court of Connecticut in New Britain. Client never responded to the lawsuit and Capital One obtained a default judgment against client. Client retained The Woods Law Firm, LLC. We successfully filed a Motion to Open and Vacate the Judgment. We defended client and negotiated a settlement with client paying 60% of the balance allegedly owed to Capital One and no judgment appearing on client's credit reports.

  • Capital One filed suit against client in Small Claims Court in Danbury.  We were promptly able to negotiate a settlement that resulted in a reasonable monthly payment plan with a waiver of post-Judgment interest.  
  • Capital One sued client for over $5,000 in the Superior Court of Connecticut in New Britain.  After being retained, The Woods Law Firm, LLC was able to negotiate a settlement with a waiver of post-Judgment interest and monthly payments of significantly less than would have been awarded to Capital One if the client had defaulted in the case.
  • Capital One sued client in the Superior Court of Connecticut in Litchfield after client defaulted on a Capital One credit card with a balance of almost $26,000.00. We reviewed Capital One's Complaint and supporting documentation. We were able to successfully navigate a settlement where the client saved over $8,000.00 and avoided a Judgment.


We offer a case evaluation, during which we will review the Summons and Complaint and determine the best course of action to take, tailored to your individual circumstances.  To take advantage of this service contact us today!