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If you are being sued in a foreclosure action in Connecticut, there are many available options to avert the foreclosure and save your home. In many cases, home retention options are explored through the Connecticut foreclosure mediation program after a foreclosure action is commenced.

If you are currently behind on your mortgage payments or have been sued in a foreclosure action, you may be eligible to apply for a loan modification program offered by your lender. These are known as internal loan modification programs, each with differing eligibility requirements. The Woods Law Firm, LLC has successfully assisted numerous Connecticut homeowners in obtaining loan modifications and retaining their homes.

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Internal Loan Modification Programs

  • Internal Loan Modification — The terms of your mortgage are not written in stone. You and your creditor can agree to alter them. While this is entirely at the discretion of your lender, internal loan modification has proven a viable solution for many homeowners facing foreclosure. Our firm can help you with the negotiation process in order to ensure your best chance of a positive outcome.

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