We Can Fight For Your Right To Keep Your Home

After a bank receives a judgment of foreclosure on a house, the bank may try to sell the property. If this has happened to you and you want to challenge this judgment, make sure you take action right away. A Connecticut foreclosure defense attorney can help homeowners appeal this decision.

Whether you need to argue that the court made a mistake in foreclosing on the house or any other issue, our firm is here to help. At The Woods Law Firm, LLC we have defended clients in both federal and state court from nation-wide businesses attempting to collect debts.

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What to Expect in the Court of Appeals

The appellate court hears decisions of previous trials to determine if that trial court made a serious error. Appeals must have substantial evidence to make it to an appeals court, which means you will need an experienced lawyer to help you build a strong case. We know how to handle foreclosure appeals and can guide you through this process.

We offer our clients the following:

  • Years of practice in Connecticut
  • Experience in both state and federal court
  • Free case evaluation to strategize your best defense
  • Attentive and reliable support for your foreclosure battle

If your foreclosure appeal is accepted, it will move on to the next step. A three-judge Court of Appeals will hear your case and determine whether or not the foreclosure judgment was fair and legal. They also have the power to reverse foreclosures.

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The Woods Law Firm, LLC can fight to achieve the best result possible for your situation. Even if you have not received a foreclosure notice but are worried you may soon, it is crucial that you talk with a Connecticut foreclosure defense lawyer. We may be able to help you prevent a foreclosure judgment in the first place! Our firm can craft a solid strategy using our knowledge of foreclosure laws and build an aggressive defense for your case.

We can stand beside you through the entire appeals process and work to resolve your foreclosure. Call our firm today and we can get started*!