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Credit Management Corporation, based in Madison, Connecticut, is a local debt buyer. It purchases defaulted debt for pennies on the dollar from a variety of original creditors, and then sometimes files suit for the entire debt amount in small claims court. In Small Claims Court, Credit Management Corporation is able to represent itself. In rare instances, when it sues in the Superior Court, it is usually represented by the law firm of Calistro and Airone, LLC.

The Woods Law Firm, LLC has represented defendants sued by Credit Management Corporation. If you have receive a Summons from them, don't ignore it! There are typically many defenses to debt buyer lawsuits, which can yield a winning outcome for the defendant. The Woods Law Firm, LLC knows how to win!

  • Client v. Credit Management Corporation, Inc. (Small Claims, Manchester, 2014) : Credit Management Corporation, Inc. filed an application for wage garnishment as a result of a small claims judgment rendered in 2004. Client contacted The Woods Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation. We filed papers to stop the wage garnishment and then we served Credit Management Corporation, Inc. with a Summons and Complaint for violating the FDCPA and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA). We successfully negotiated a settlement where the client received monetary damages and full debt relief -- she paid Credit Management Corporation nothing.

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