Low Cost Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Connecticut

In many situations, if you are considering bankruptcy, your best option is to file under Chapter 7.  Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all non-exempt assets will be sold, and the cost retrieved from them will be distributed among lenders to help repay debts.  It should not cost a fortune to get a fresh start.  The Woods Law Firm, LLC is proud to offer among the most affordable legal fees for all Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Connecticut.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge will eliminate:

  • Most unsecured debts
  • Credit card debt
  • Debts owned by junk debt buyers
  • Loans
  • Overdrawn checking account balances
  • Some state and federal taxes

Upon filing for Chapter 7, an automatic stay will be placed onto your accounts so that all foreclosure and collection attempts will promptly cease.

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