When a bankruptcy case is filed in Connecticut, a hearing is scheduled where the bankruptcy trustee questions a debtor about the Petition, Statements and Schedules filed in the case.  In addition, representatives of various creditors may appear and ask questions.  The first meeting of creditors is commonly referred to as the "341 Hearing." This name is derived from the section of the Bankruptcy Code from which it originates. The 341 Hearing is where many bankruptcy filers have their first in-person court appearance. The 341 Hearing is not in a courtroom and not presided over by a Judge but is rather conducted by the bankruptcy trustee who is assigned to your case.

Whether in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the 341 Hearing typically occurs within 30-45 days of the filing of the case. If you reside in Hartford, Tolland, Putnam or New London County, your 341 Hearing will be held at the federal courthouse located at 450 Main Street in downtown Hartford.

When you retain The Woods Law Firm, LLC, Attorney Woods will appear with you at the 341 Hearing.

Before The 341 Hearing

Prior to the 341 Hearing, you will be required to produce certain documents.  These are mandated by the Bankruptcy Code. These documents must typically be provided to the bankruptcy trustee at least 7 days prior to the 341 Hearing. They include:

  • Your most recently filed state and federal tax returns
  • Your most recent bank statements
  • Your paystubs (or other proof of income) for the 60-day period preceding the filing of the Petition
  • An appraisal or comparative market analysis of real estate which you may own
  • Market value information pertaining to your vehicles


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