Attorney Woods can utilize his extensive expertise to bring your case to a successful conclusion.  The Woods Law Firm, LLC represents Connecticut consumers in Hartford, Putnam, Tolland and New London County who wish to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases.


In Connecticut, a bankruptcy case brought under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is commenced by the filing of a Petition with the United States Bankruptcy Court. Prior to filing, you will need to complete a pre-filing online course and receive a certificate of completion, which is attached to the Petition. Along with the Petition, there are numerous Schedules and Statements. These documents itemize your assets and liabilities and provide the Court with details about past or pending lawsuits, garnishments, and levies.


Approximately 30-45 days after a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case is filed, the Court will schedule a Meeting of Creditors, commonly referred to as a "341 Hearing." This will often be your first and only court appearance if you are filing a Chapter 7 case. If you are filing a Chapter 13 case, there may be other court appearances. If you retain The Woods Law Firm, LLC to represent you in a bankruptcy case, Attorney Woods will attend the 341 Hearing with you.


In a Chapter 7 case, approximately 60 days after the 341 Hearing, you will receive a discharge. This means that many of the debts which were listed on your schedules will be completely discharged. That is, the creditor cannot pursue you ever again for that debt. It is important to note that not all debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy.

In a Chapter 13 case, you will file a Chapter 13 Plan, essentially a repayment proposal, with the Court. If this Plan is approved, after 36-60 months, you will receive a Chapter 13 discharge.


Because of the ever evolving landscape of bankruptcy law and its many nuances, you need a skilled consumer bankruptcy attorney on your side.  The Woods Law Firm, LLC offers affordable representation in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  Contact us today to learn more.