Make Harassing Telephone Calls Stop!

Posted by Roderick WoodsApr 15, 20190 Comments

Receiving incessant telephone calls from debt collectors can wreak havoc with your life. It can be frustrating, embarassing, and upsetting. The Woods Law Firm, LLC can make the calls stop immediately and potentially recover monetary damages for a debt collector's harassment of you.

Our Hartford, Connecticut law firm regularly litigates actions under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including many FDCPA cases involving telephone harassment, on behalf of Connecticut consumers. Since 2007, we have recovered thousands of dollars for FDCPA violations from offending debt collectors.

The FDCPA prohibits telephone harassment of a consumer by debt collectors. While there are numerous ways that debt collectors may use the telephone to harass you, some are more common than others. For example, the FDCPA prohibits:

  • Telephone calls before 8:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m.
  • Obscene telephone calls
  • Causing a telephone to ring for the purposes of harassment
  • Telephone calls at a consumer's place of employment after being told to stop calling
  • Telephone calls or voicemails which lack a warning that a debt collector is calling and any information will be used for debt collection purposes
  • Contacting third-parties by telephone to inform them of your debt

There are many other ways that a debt collector can use telephone calls to harass you. Don't take the abuse! Our record of success in FDCPA actions speaks for itself. The Woods Law Firm, LLC advances the court filing fee and court costs for all FDCPA actions, meaning that it costs you absolutely nothing to assert your rights. Call (860) 999-9757 today to get started!