Received a Court Summons from Midland Funding, LLC in Connecticut?

Posted by Roderick WoodsMay 01, 20180 Comments

If you have been sued by Midland Funding, LLC in Connecticut, The Woods Law Firm, LLC can assist you! We have achieved stellar results defending cases brought by Midland Funding, LLC. Details from one of our stronger victories appear below:

Midland Funding, LLC v. Client -- Midland Funding, LLC brought suit in the Superior Court of Connecticut against our client for over $11,000.00, which it claimed was the result of an alleged default on a Barclays Bank of Delaware credit card account. The Woods Law Firm, LLC was retained at the eleventh hour, about a week before a scheduled trial. Upon discovering that The Woods Law Firm, LLC was retained to appear at the trial, Midland immediately withdrew the lawsuit!

It is always critical to obtain legal representation as soon as you are served with a Summons in a lawsuit, especially if it is from Midland Funding, LLC. Contact a skilled debt defense attorney in Connecticut today at (860) 999-9757!