Silent but Deadly: Default Judgments for Credit Lawsuits

Posted by Roderick WoodsJun 15, 20180 Comments

Creditor lawsuits are not a new development; they have existed for many years. However, creditors have recently begun utilizing them in order to achieve a result that is more irking than any harassing phone calls in the middle of the night. Consumer advocates claim that creditors are beginning to file credit lawsuits under the pretense that the consumer will fail to show up, compelling the judge to warrant wage garnishment, house liens, and more.

An article released by the Huffington Post unveils the new trend. As economic hardships have caused the debt industry to explode in the last decade, courts have seen an influx of credit lawsuits over the same period. Creditors have now found that filing lawsuits almost always leads to default judgments giving them the ability to collect through wage garnishment and other dire consequences. However, the HP article found that many of the consumers named in these lawsuits never receive notification of the summons and therefore, are unable to appear in order to defend themselves. Furthermore, many interviewed on the subject stated that lawsuits were filed for credit cards they never owned, which no longer mattered because the default judgment for the lawsuit they didn't know about was already issued.

Default judgments are the last thing a consumer wants to have against them when facing debt. While credit agencies deny the use of this tactic, the results stand that many lawsuits are being filed and concluded in default judgments, which result in terrible consequences for unsuspecting consumer.

Regardless of how much you owe or the nature of your debt, creditors and courts are, by law, required to notify you of a summons. If you have suffered from a default judgment issued against you following a lawsuit you were never told about, contact the attorneys at The Woods Law Firm today for defense of your consumer rights.