Fighting Default Judgments in Connecticut

Posted by Roderick WoodsJul 15, 20180 Comments

Many times a client will not learn of a default Judgment until after wages have been garnished or a bank account emptied. There actually may be a variety of reasons why a default Judgment has entered in a case.

Defaults, and, ultimately default judgments, can be entered for failing to file an appearance, failing to file a pleading, failing to respond to discovery, or failing to appear at a court conference. Under Connecticut law, there is generally only 120 days to open and vacate a default judgment.

Our firm has a proven track record of success in fighting to get default judgments vacated. Motions to Open and Vacate Judgments can be filed within 120 days of Judgment, based on reasons such as lack of personal jurisdiction, meritorious defense, and improper service of process.

If a default judgment has entered against you, contact The Woods Law Firm, LLC. Time may be limited to lodge a challenge to the default. Call us today at (860) 999-9757!