Re-Establishing Credit After Bankruptcy Is Pivotal

Posted by Roderick WoodsDec 01, 20180 Comments

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offers a fresh start, a way to begin your financial life anew. To help consumers navigate a minefield of debt, The Woods Law Firm, LLC offers low-cost flat fee Chapter 7 bankruptcy representation.

Although someone just wrapping up a bankruptcy may be averse to seeking new credit and potentially taking on new debt, it's critically important to start revitalizing your credit as soon as possible following a bankruptcy discharge.

If, prior to the bankruptcy filing, you had poor credit with numerous delinquencies and charge-offs, the positive news is that your credit score may have acually risen with the bankruptcy. This is attributable to the fact that the debt underlying the bankruptcy is gone and the lack of debt is serving to off-set some of the negatives associated with the credit reporting (the late payments, etc.).

It is key to order your credit reports following bankruptcy from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion for the purposes of insuring that all information is accurate. This is the point in time to dispute inaccuracies, such as credit items that are reported with a balance after the bankruptcy.

The next step is to apply for a secured credit card or secured loan. Many credit unions offer such products. The limit can be as low as $100.00. The important aspect is to demonstrate to future lenders that you can be responsibly entrusted with credit again.

We have assisted clients in Connecticut with bankruptcy, as well as the disputing of inaccurate credit information. To learn more about our low-cost flat fee Chapter 7 bankruptcy representation, contact us at (860) 999-9757 today!